London Junctions Dont Fail Your Next Driving Test

On your next London driving test do not fail on junctions because it is one of the most common reasons candidates get a serious driver error from the DSA car examiner.

It can be very busy on London roads depending on what time you book your driving test, but that not withstanding the UK DSA car examiner will expect you to deal safely with all the junctions that you encounter during the 40 minute assessment session even if you have vehicles behind you. This applies to roundabouts (major and mini), T junctions, stop lines and even when turning right from a major to minor road, so make sure you get plenty of practice with your instructor or supervisor.

According to the DSA, the top most common driving test mistake that candidates fail on is not taking effective observations before entering a junction which basically means drivers are in a hurry and enter when it is not totally safe!

I know from experience that people get nervous when there is an examiner gets in the car, but if you have had enough practice before the test date, you should be able to overcome the nerves fully confident in the knowledge that there is nothing new that you will be asked to do, as it has all been covered in your previous driving lessons.