Failed Driving Test in London Not Using Bus Lane

Many provisional licence holders have failed a driving test in London for what they have thought was a simple mistake of not using a Bus Lane when it was not in operation.

Bus lanes are very common in the London capital city as they are aimed at trying to keep public transport vehicles moving (include black taxi cabs) and at designated times of the day can only be used by these vehicles or you risk a £130 fine (2013 figures). The times when these bus lanes are in operation are posted on blue signs along the route, and the highway code states that outside these times any vehicle can use them.

The DSA driving examiner expects you as a test candidate to know these rules, and thus it is possible for you to get a serious driver error for not using a bus lane if it is not in operation and not blocked by parked vehicles.

Another common confusion point is learner drivers trying to avoid driving over or stopping in traffic on Bus Stops, so make sure you know the highway code inside out to give you that better chance of passing the driving test in any of the London DSA centres.

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