Borehamwood Test Centre Has Short Waiting List

Did you know that Borehamwood Test Centre has one of the shortest waiting lists for any London DSA driving test?

Located in the north London suburb of Borehamwood WD6, you can get a practical car assessment in 6 weeks, and if you are looking for short notice cancellations, they are available in 2 to 3 days.

Now before you rush off to book a driving test, you need to know a little more about the Borehamwood area, it has many mini roundabouts and a few major ones as well, so if these junctions are one of your weak areas, start working on them NOW.

You will also have to deal with national speed country lanes, some of them very narrow, so make sure you have practised this, and finally you have the A1 dual carriageway which has a speed limit of 70mph, so if you have never experienced such high speed roads, they you need to get some driving lessons to prepare yourself.

Borehamwood Test Route Video

The video below by a London driving instructor is a good tutorial if you want to take your practical car driving test in Borehamwood.

Are you ready for the DSA driving test?