Driving Test Are You Ready

Are you ready to take the driving test in London?

Many people think that the DSA examiner will only be assessing the test candidate's ability to drive a car from one place to another, and as long as they arrive without being involved in an incident or nearly causing an accident, they will pass.

This driving instructor video shows what the DSA looks for when it comes to passing the driving test with regards to dealing with junctions.

Taking a driving test in London is not easy, and if you have booked it during rush hour, you have the added pressure of impatient road users and busy junctions to contend with. Make sure you seek professional advice or use the videos on this website to help you prepare so you can pass first time round.

Borehamwood Test Route Videos

You will be required to drive at a very high standard and not commit any of the common driving test mistakes that a lot of learner drivers make during the 40 minute DSA practical car assessment.

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