Failed Exiting Test Centre in London

I just saw a candidate fail the driving test in london while exiting the Mill Hill test centre during a busy part of the day.

I do not know why the learner driver did it, but trying to turn right out of the car park, she went into the middle of the road with a lot of cars approaching from her left. by the time someone had let her through, the was a build of cars on her right waiting!

I have given advice on the correct way to exit Mill Hill test centre NW London in the driving video below:

You should never feel pressurised into entering a junction emerging at a give way if there is no safe gap on BOTH sides of the road irrespective of the number of minutes you have waited at the junction.

The driving examiner can see exactly what is going on, and as far as the test is concerned, the correct procedure is to wait for a gap on both sides of the road, and this is what all fully qualified driving instructors should be teaching their clients.