Driving in London Is Expensive

The cost of living in London is quite expensive, so there should be no suprises then that taking a driving test in one of the many DSA test centres in London is going to require you spending some good amount of money.

If you are a foreign driving licence holder with many years experience on the roads in your country, and have passed the theory test first time, do not think that the same will happen for the practical car test, as in my 10 years of instructing in London, I have never seen anyone with an international permit pass the driving test without any professional help first time because of their habits which do not meet the DSA examiner's standards!

You will at least need a 2 hour driving lesson to get your skills assessed and be shown the correct DSA way of driving if you are serious about passing the practical car/motorcycle test. The average cost for this will be about £50. The costs that you need to factor into your budget is the DSA fee (£62 weekday or £75 weekend) and finally the hire or use of a vehicle on the day of the test, as the DSA do not provide you one (cost ranges from £5-£125).

Driving Test Video Advice

If you are a beginner learning to drive in London, then the costs are going to be even higher considering that the DSA who conduct the driving test recommend a minimum of 40 hours to get to the high standard required to pass (and that doesn't include private practise which further improves your chances of success).

Even if you are going to get someone to teach you to drive in your own private car, there are costs of running the car (fuel, road tax, MOT and insurance), all these add up, and even then you would still need a couple of professional driving lessons to bring your skills up to date, as your teacher might have passed no less than 3 years ago, so might not know the latest requirements or routes used for the driving test in London.