Instructor Advice Booking Driving Test

If you are thinking of booking a driving test in London or anywhere else, I would advice that you consult with your driving instructor not only to confirm that you are ready, but more importantly on chosing which test centre and what time slots to go for. You also need to be aware of any potential dates that your ADI might not be available saving the hassle of having to change a booked appointment.

Independent Driving Test London Video Tip

A driving instructor will know more about any test centre than a learner or their parents/family friend will do. The test routes used, what the roads would be like at different test slot times, what the examiners are like, but most importantly how you test candidate drives and what time would most likely be best for your individual abilities (something that most people never think of).

I would for example discourage a nervous driver from taking their test at 8.10am in Mill Hill because theiy are most likely not going to be able to deal with the pressure of the busier impatient traffic, especially when they don't normally take driving lessons at that time of the day even though it might mean waiting longer to get a test date.

While driving test quotas do not exist, your instructor can warn you about examiners who tend to have a higher failure rate due to their strictness or the fact that they are new and tend to follow the book to the letter, which would mean full concentration during the 40 minutes.

In the end the choice is yours, but as you are already paying the instructor for his/her services, there is no reason why you should ignore their advice when it comes to booking the driving test especially if you chose the right ADI in the first instance. I WILL NEVER stop a candidate from taking a test just to get a few more lessons from them.