Driving Test in London is Tough

As an experienced London driving instructor I have seen many provisional licence holders both fail and pass the driving test, and a lot of those that do not succeed have done so because they have underestimated how tough the DSA practical car test is.

Because London is a metroplolitan city, there are a lot of foreign licence holders with many years of exprience who after using their international driving permit for the full 12 months it is valid, think that they can just book a driving test and pass first time because they have been driving without incident for the last one year, especially if they passed the theory test with flying colours!

The main reason a lot of people fail the driving test is not because of the toughness, but more lack of knowledge of what the examiners are looking for, or enough practise in driving according to the DSA standard. No matter how 'good' your driving is, if you don't drive the 'British' way, you will not pass.
Get a fully qualified instructor to assess your skills, you will have some bad habits that need to corrected, and my experience has shown that the best time to do this is while your international permit is still valid so you can practise driving the DSA way, until it becomes a habit.

If you are learning to drive from scratch in the UK, make sure you have the right instructor (cheap is not always the best choice), and don't rush to take the test until you have covered the whole DSA Syllabus and had enough practice driving in different conditions (mastering dual carriageways, multi-lane roundabouts, manuevers takes time).

A simple way of knowing if you are ready for the DSA examiners is taking a mock test with a different instructor (if you tell them upfront that you are current having lessons and just want to experience test conditions with a different ADI, you are more likely to get a honest opinion).

Treat the UK driving test with the respect it deserves, get the right tuition during your preparation knowing that it is a tough examination, and you will have a much greater chance of passing.