Hendon Driving Test Roundabouts London

If you are taking a practical car assessment at the Hendon Test Centre in London, then you might be interested in knowing which major multi-lane roundabouts you might be taken on by the DSA examiners.

Mill Hill Circus Roundabout
You might be asked to turn right from Mill Hill Broadway to the A41, this is the 3rd exit, or you might just be following the road ahead (2nd exit) from the A41 northbound towards Apex Corner.

Apex Corner
There are many different routes that include this Multi-lane roundabout intersecting the A41 with the 70mph A1 dual carriageways.

The more difficult routes approach from Selvage lane (the only approach not controlled by traffic lights, you will either be turning right towards Brent Cross or following the road ahead towards Stirling Corner.

Stirling Corner Borehamwood
The final major multi-lane roundabout you might get on a Hendon Test Centre route is stirling corner. The main issue with this junction is the approach is fast, and some candidates get confused by the number of exits (it has 5).

If you would like to pass your London driving test first time in Hendon, then you might be interested in my instructional video which covers the more tricky parts of some of the routes where many candidates have failed in the past.

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Borehamwood Test Centre.
Driving Test Routes London