Driving Test Anything Can Happen

If you are taking a driving test in London, then you should be prepared to deal with anything that could happen during the normal 40 minutes of the driving assessment. Road works or accidents can mean that driving test routes can change at the last minute, so make sure you are confident with all types of junctions and traffic conditions.

A Driving Test candidate recently had to deal with an unexpected situation while out with the DSA examiner.
The 'L' plate attached to the front of the vehicle was blown off by the wind, and it wasn't possible to stop and pick it up, so the examiner told him he would have to drive to a petrol station to get a new set.
This meant making a detour from the normal route, and dealing with some extra high street traffic. This wasn't a problem for my candidate (if you are fully prepared, then such unexpected changes shouldn't be an issue for you either) and at the end passed with 5 driving errors.

Do not leave anything to chance when it comes to taking the UK driving test in London, practice all your maneuvers, go on different roads (country, dual carriageways, high streets, school zones) and know the signs from the highway code. Being confident and knowledgable will increase your chances of passing first time.