Easiest Driving Test Centre in London

The easiest driving test centre in London is considered to be located at Pinner in the northern suburbs of London, and this is reflected in the fact that you could have to wait for 19 weeks to get an appointment with a DSA driving examiner.

Pinner driving test centre
Pinner Test Centre Photo © Krish Driving School

Official DSA records put the average pass rate for Pinner test centre at 48% well above the national figure which is only 45%, so almost half of those who go there pass.

Before you rush off to book your driving test in Pinner, you need to make sure you have a very high chance of being in the 48% that do pass, by taking the appropriate preparations to reach the standards required by the DSA examiner.

pass driving test in London

Practise dealing with various junctions, know the highway code and signs that you might be expected to obey during the 40 minutes of the driving test, master the manuevers, and understand how independent driving is assessed.

Don't forget the highway code is the standard expected, so master it as it could save you from make a simple error that would result in failure, revise it when not taking practical lessons!

If you follow all these steps, then having an easy test route as seems to happen in Pinner should not throw up any surprises that you should not be able to deal with safely, and therefore guarantee a pass certificate being issued to you by the DSA examiner.