Driving Examiner Quotas in London

If you are taking the driving test in London, you might be interested in knowing what the dsa driving examiner quotas are in the test centres where you might be taking your practical car assessment.

There has always been the myth around, that each driving examiner has a daily/weekly quota of the number of learner drivers that they can pass, and though this is not true, many provisional licence holders will still think this is so due to the low pass rates in London driving test centres.

A driving examiner will be conducting between 7 and 8 car tests each day, and the probability of each and everyone of those candidates meeting the strict and hard standards set by the DSA is low, especially since there are many learners who attend a test without prior professional lessons from a fully qualified instructor who can guide them in their quest of getting a full UK licence. Many of these would have either been taught by friends/family or be foriegn international permit holders both of whom are never aware fully of what the DSA standards are, mainly relying on their ability and confidence to drive a vehicle from A to B which while being part of what the examiner is looking for, is not all.

An examiner has full discretion on who passes or fails, so it is important that none of the driver faults committed during the London driving test are classified as serious or dangerous in the eyes of the assessing officer. If all these conditions are meet, then it does not matter whether you are the 1st or 8th candidate of that examiner, you will pass, so it is not a matter of quotas, but the ability of the driver.
Many candidates will not agree with an examiner's decision which is why the myth of quotas exists, mistakes which people will not think twice about once they have passed the test, are things that the examiner fails candidates on.

The best way of avoiding the percieved driving test quotas issue, is to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for the test, know what the examiner is looking for, and perform all the skills are the required level, that way you will not be caught out as you need to do more that drive from A to B.

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