Best Time For Driving Test in London

It is a fact that road traffic conditions will vary at different times of the day, and for that very reason, you will find out that the driving test will be much easier if booked outside rush hours, and this is the best time to choose if you have the option.

There are a few reasons why taking the driving test during morning peak traffic or the afternoon school run is more demanding and likely to end in failure.

  • Less patient road users around. Most drivers on the road at this time of the day are on their way to work or important appointments and will be less tolerant of learner drivers. The DSA examiner will not expect you to drive at unsafe speeds or rush decisions at junctions, but most driving test candidates can't keep their composure for the 40 minutes of the assessment and end up making a serious driver fault due to the pressure they seem to be under.
  • Knowing when to make progress. It will be far harder to get away with driving at a slow speed when it is safe to drive close to the speed limit, because you are most likely to have cars behind you that will be held up.
  • Approaching and dealing with junctions. Because many test candidates want to make progress, they tend to approach junctions at a higher speed than they can deal with, or feel pressurised to moving away from the junction if they have been there for a while even if there has been no safe gaps.

    driving test at rush hours in London

  • Even if you miss a gap in traffic, the best you can do is wait for another one, under no circumstances should you force your way into the junction causing other cars to slow down or swerve to avoid you, as it will only land you a serious error.
  • Schools, Children and Parents are a bad combination. Starting from around 3pm, roads around areas with schools start to get busy, which means you need to concentrate hard. Not only do you have to deal with potential children crossing or stepping into the road, parents can also be hazards whether they be in their cars stopping suddenly or moving off without indicating or observing. They can also open car doors despite seeing you on approach, not caring that you are on a test or inexperienced.
  • Never driven in rush hour traffic before. If you have never taken a driving lesson during morning rush hour, booking a test at this time just because you get an earlier appointment is not a good idea. Even if you have a practise session before your DSA appoitment, it is not the same, as 15 minutes can make a BIG difference in traffic conditions.

All these things can add more pressure to an already tense situation, especially if the candidate is nervous, so it is best if you book your driving test for the hours between 10am and 2.30pm, though the afternoon rush hour is not as bad as the 9am one.

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