Hendon Driving Test Centre Best In London

Hendon Test Centre NW LondonHendon test centre is the DSA practical car assessment facilities located just off Aerodrome road in North West London on a newly built private housing estate known as Beaufort Park.

There are about 8 DSA driving examiners based at Hendon, with the tests staggered to minimise congestion in both the shared car park and out on the local roads, so make sure you check your appointment letter or confirmation email to ensure you arrive on time. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your driving test, then it will not go ahead, and you will lose your booking fee.
If you are travelling from afar and are not familiar with area, give yourself plenty of time to arrive especially if you are not using a SatNav for directions, as the Mill Hill test centre is also nearby (about a mile away), and you don't want a local to misdirect you there only to find you are in the wrong location.

Major Roundabouts for Hendon Driving Test

If you are taking a practical assessment at this centre, make sure you watch this video a few times to familiarise yourself with Apex corner which you might have to deal with on the driving test.

The full address of Hendon Test Centre is:

3 Aviation Square
Beaufort Park
Hendon, London NW9 5TZ
Phone Number

There is abundant parking for candidates at Hendon, and you need to be prepared to perform the bay parking exercise at the beginning of your assessment if required by the DSA examiner.
Driving Instructors are requested not to practise in the area during working hours to reduce congestion and being a nuisance to residents who don't want to have to deal with cars display 'L' plates blocking allocated parking slots. Security parking attendants will issue penalty notices or even clamp illegal parked vehicles not displaying valid permits so only use the DSA parking area.

2014 Hendon driving test routes

Since you are taking a driving test in London, you can expect traffic to be heavy during morning rush hours, as well as around 3pm when schools close so bear this in mind when booking your driving test in the DSA Hendon Aviation centre.
Apex corner multi-lane roundabout is on some of the routes used by examiners here, and the A1 dual carriageway has portions where the national speed limit of 70mph applies, so practice your driving skills here so you are not surprised on your visit as these are hotspots where a lot of test candidtes get serious faults marked by the examiners and are failed!

I have made a video that covers the more trickier parts of the 2013 test routes at this DSA car practical centre, so if you are not local to the area or your instructor is from another part of town, I suggest you download it and familiarise yourself with the roads and junctions (there is a poorly marked crossroad which is a favorite of some examiners just about 2 minutes towards the end of the test where many learners have failed in the past).
Do not be fooled by the friendly nature of the examiner, you will not get away with a serious fault, so know what to expect, it only takes 1 mistake to blow away all the other good work done on the 40 minute practical assessment. Do you want to risk it?

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Driving Test Manuevers at Hendon
You will be required to carry out only one manuever if taking your driving test at Hendon, this would be any of the follow from the current DSA requirements:

Reversing into a Bay at the centre car park.
The Reverse round the corner exercise.
Turn in the road also know as 3 point turn
(it doesn't always have to be 3 point, there are situations where t could be a 5 point turn).
Parallel reverse parking exercise (needs to be completed within 2 car lengths).
See free driving lesson video tutorial below:

Hendon Test Centre Contact Phone Number

The only time you will need to contact the Hendon DSA examiners is in the case of bad weather during the winter months when snow, fog or ice could lead to cancellations due to adverse driving conditions.

For booking cancellations or queries about a driving test appointment, contact the DSA customer services centre.

Hendon Test Centre Bad Weather Phone Number.

You can also take your car practical at the Borehamwood Test Centre which is about 2.5 miles away.

Rental Car For Driving Test at Hendon Aviation Centre

If you need to hire a fully insured dual controlled manual transmission car for a practical car assessment at this centre, you can call me on 07956 233032 and see if my Toyota Yaris vehicle is available. Due to demand, it is advisable you book earlier than later to avoid disappointment. You get picked up 1 hour before your appointment, time that can be used to give you important tips to guarantee success with the DSA examiners if you are already at the right standard of driving.
Don't forget the highway code is the standard expected, so master it as it could save you from make a simple error that would result in failure, revise it when not taking practical lessons!