Turning Right at Apex Corner London DSA Requirements

If you are taking the driving test in NW London, you might encounter this multi-lane roundabout (which is on the junction of the A1 and A41 busy dual carriageways) in either Mill Hill or Hendon DSA centres. I have therefore made a video on how to turn right towards Edgware from Watford to assist and help avoid the mistakes that many candidates have failed on.

You might need to practise this route with your instructor or supervising driver a few time to gain confidence, as it can be very daunting and confusing.

Don't forget the highway code is the standard expected by the examiner, it could save you from make a simple error that would result in serious fault being marked against you, so revise it when not taking practical lessons, passing the theory test doesn't mean you will remember everything!

Driving Test Routes Videos NW London

One of the most common reasons learners fail the driving test in London, is that they are not very familiar with some of the complex junctions and busy traffic conditions that are encountered on some of the routes that a DSA examiner can take you during the 40 minute practical car assessment process and this could result in failure and waste of the £62 test fee!

From my many years experience as a driving instructor, I have seen even experienced drivers have problems with some of the routes used on the practical car test, and are thus not surprised when provisional licence holders commit serious test faults at these locations which is why I make sure that many lessons are spent of the routes gaining confidence and enough experience achieving the DSA standard of dealing with these situations.

There are many of you learning to drive with family/friends or might have a driving instructor not local to the NW London test centre areas, and for that reason I have taken the time to record some videos covering the common DSA test routes that a lot of candidates fail their driving tests on. These videos have full commentary on what the serious faults are, how to avoid them and how to deal with any complete junctions or situations at various places along the driving test routes.

If you prefer, you can contact me and book a 1 hour driving lesson in NW London, so that you can drive over these routes (£25) and get real practical experience on the road, otherwise you can download the videos immediately to your PC or mobile phone for a modest fee (£4.99).

Hendon Driving Test Routes NW9 Video 2013

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Mill Hill NW7 London Driving Test Route 2013
Mill Hill test centre is a difficult place to pass from, which is reflected in the low pass rate of 34%. One of the reasons for this is that the DSA examiners have a tough route that is not only tricky, but also includes a very busy multi-lane roundabout (Apex corner).
The video tutorial below covers this route and has full commentary pointing out these tricky locations and how to overcome the common mistakes many candidates have made in the past. Click on the image for details of how to download the video, it will save you from making the same mistakes on an already tough driving test.

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DSA Borehamwood Test Route WD6 Video

Providing useful tips and advice of the common places where candidates fail in Borehamwood, updated in 2013.